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Remember, as far as safety is concerned, it's not who you know, it's what you know!

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July 1999
Cover: Fit your rules to the operation, make your operation fit the rules.

§         Fit for Duty, Do the rules for your operation fit the rules needed?

§         Circle of Death....ground gradients.

§         To jump (out of an energized vehicle) or not to jump.

August 1999
Cover: Truck Height/Clearance

§         Truck Height/Clearance.

§         Carbon Monoxide - Quiet killer.

§         Spotlights.

September 1999
Cover: Layers of Safety Protection.

§         Safety layers.

§         The third prong on an outlet - very important.

§         Basic mathematical formulas for electricity - How much power do you have?

October 1999
Cover: Evening and late night newscasts.
            Night work has it's own set of dangers.

§         Night work and hazards.  Cyalume Lightsticks provide cheap illumination.

§         Switching switches....interlock overriding?

§         Tip can't drive everywhere!

November 1999
Cover: Anger.......................

§         ·  Anger.....How to control a killer emotion.

§         ·  Spotlights - Cheap bucks for an illuminating experience.

§         ·  How TIRED are you? (About tires...)

§         ·  Are you ready for Y2K celebrations and celebrants?

December 1999
Cover: Are you ready for Y2K Celebrations? Celebrants?

§         Grounding of power lines is the most frequent cause of injuries in the operation of elevating structures.

§         Four major safety hints.

January 2000
Cover: Winter Driving - Are driving and driver's skills taken for granted?

§         Winter driving. Hints from a few sources.

§         Reflective clothing.

February 2000
Cover: One-person bands OK in some situations, dangerous in others.

§         One person bands.

§         What does OSHA say? A letter from an Assistant Regional Administrator.

§         Aural mast warnings. Conscious and unconscious reminders of danger.

§         Expect the unexpected...Think Professionally. The Darwin Awards are lessons in thinking before one acts.

March 2000
Cover:  Competence. Competence?

§ incompetent people know it?

§         Ground loops....more than you ever wanted to know presented in great fashion.

April 2000
Cover: Lessons: FATALITY ALERT.

§         How Canada handled Geoff Fisher's fatal ENG accident.

§         From horror to professionalism, then despair. A witness's account.

§         Injury and occurrence causes.

May 2000
Cover: Q: What's a good phone message to get?
            A: Somebody was saved by your safety devices.

§         4/10ths of an inch? Why some codes are poorly written.

§         FREE safety videos!

§         $3000 check which paid OSHA citation.

§         Safety devices work!

June 2000
Cover: Lightning!

§         Powerlines....what's too close?

§         Where are YOUR wires? (hanging heights and applicable voltages in your state.)

§         Horror of a mast/power line accident. KABC mast raised into wires, and it was taped.

July 2000
Danger Assessment: New Science for ENG Operations?

§         Danger Assessment:

§         Hands free phones through the use of  headsets.

§         Tire Advisory - Firestone tire-related accidents prompt investigation.

§         Pieces of the puzzle.....links in the chain for successful ENG operations.

August 2000
Cover: Advertising for managers or other employees?
            See the word safety anywhere?
            Be careful what you ask for, you may (not) get it.

§         Want ads: See the word "safety" anywhere?

§         Lessons form the past are the key to the future....reflective vests.

§         Jump.....jump........jump!!! (Then hop or shuffle.)

September 2000
Cover: Lesson from the person who has the last word all too often;
                The Coroner.

§         How much power do you have available for use? Power formula.

§         Dangers of sleep deprivation....More common than many know.

§         Think the same as teammates...get on the same page. The NPPA National Media Guide.

October 2000
Cover: "The human will always fail."  Safety expert Dave MacCollum.

§         Night time work procedure and plans. Halloween safety lamps are good for ENG safety.

§         Truck Height/Clearance.

November 2000
Cover: Road Rage....Maybe it's you.

§         How's your are your eyes?

§         Always fail? Yup, always...this editor failed, just like David said in the last issue.

§         Basic problem, troubling light running factors into more than 800 deaths/year.

December 2000
Cover: Y2K or not Y2K. You tell me.

§         Will they be out again this New Year's Eve to "celebrate?"

§         Vehicle clearance mystery......mast rises over night. Has this happened to you?

§         Look what I found! Big spotlight helps "spot" danger.

§         Hints for Y2K celebration coverage.

January 2001
Cover: New Year's Resolution - Safety Program

§         Why don't employees see risk?

§         Four safety tapes for everybody's safety program.

February 2001
Cover: Steps and spotting trouble.

§         California News Van Safety Measure proposed.

§         New "Post-up" safety poster for frequent and plentiful copying and posting!! (WOI ax)

March 2001
Cover: Layers of Safety Protection.

§         The third prong on a plug is needed.

§         Test AC easily. Plug-in AC testers are easy to use.

§         Get away! Get away I say!!

§         Post-up: Walk away from your truck and look up BEFORE raising the mast. (Classic mast pic.)

April 2001
Cover:  Personal Protective Gear.
            Should it be used by just anybody? Everybody?

§         Safety training isn't as easy as 1-2-3.  Steps to help start and maintain a safety program.

§         Post-up: Ground gradients....OK! & no!

May 2001
Cover: Understanding a safety culture.
    "If it was easy they wouldn't need you, if it was fun,
                                        they'd do it themselves." - John Gates.

§         Phases of cultural change. It's not easy.

§         Reflective vests.

§         Post-up: I love you!

June 2001
Cover: It's Summertime, It's also time for summer hints.

§         Summer Hints

§         Light up, LOOK!

§         Work environment

July 2001
Cover: ...Up on the Roof...Great song, but is being there as cool as it sounds?

§         Up on the roof?

§         Don't run!

§         Cost of injuries

August 2001
Cover: Lightning!

§         Lightning.

§         Quench thirst!

§         AAA Study item.

September 2001
Cover: Layoffs...everybody's problem, and maybe a safety nightmare.

§         Layoffs...layoff safety?

§         New Substance abuse laws.

§         Mandatory Safety Committees?

October 2001
Cover: Presenteeism?

§ absenteeism, but the person is physically there.

§         Reflections of our times....reflective safety materials help.

November 2001
Cover:  Terrorist danger at YOUR live shot location?

§         Danger on the live shot.

§         Driving through stop signals is dangerous.

§         Do you lose your sense of humor on the road? Others do.

December 2001
Cover:  Winter Driving, Are driving and driving skills taken for granted?

§         Winter driving.

§         safety makes money!

§         Winter conditions.

January 2002
Cover:  New Year's Resolutions, or just a few ideas for the month ahead.....

§         Happy New Year!!

§         Good habits for '02

§         Tire stories.

February 2002
Cover:  Cables...the mess that keeps on going and going...

§         Spaghetti.

§         Accidental Heroes?

§         Accident pyramid.

§         Targets.

March 2002
Cover:  What? No live shots because of an accident?

§         Vest Standards

§         Vehicle accidents

§         Hands-off phones!!

April 2002
Cover:  OK, we got it with the power line thing...10 feet...
            Yes, we know it with regard to driving safety, too....
            Now we got to worry about TRAINS?

§         Rains

§         Trains

§         Restrains!

May 2002
Cover:  Truck Height / Clearance

§         Clearance

§               |

§         Clearance

June 2002
Cover:  California ENG Safety Proposal

§         CA Safety Proposal

§         KIRO-Stick

§         Laws!!!

July 2002
Cover:  Summer Heat can ruin Summer Fun

§         Dehydration?

§         Rehydrate!

§         Eyes-See?

August 2002
Cover:  Lightning!!!

§         Lightning!

§         Safety Test.

§         So far this summer....

September 2002
Cover:  Are you VESTED in TV News?

§         Vests.

§         Fall.

§         CDL Regs change.

October 2002
Cover:  What the heck is going on out there? What are YOU doing about it?

§         What's going on?

§         SPOOKY time of year!.

November 2002
Cover:  You've heard of Absenteeism, right? How about Presenteeism?

§         Presenteeism?

§         Road

§         Tired...WAKE UP!!!

December 2002
Cover:  -Winter Driving-

§         Winter Driving.

§         Holiday Message.

§         PDF's.

January 2003
Cover:  New Year's Resolutions for all?

§         New Year here......

§         A NEAT story....your Resolutions

February 2003
Cover:  Steps and Spotting trouble.

§         Spotting trouble.

§         Power Formula Test.

§         CO Poisoning.

March 2003
Cover:  Management or Employee problem?

§         Interesting CO replies.

§         Nice operator test.

§         OSHA's top violations, 2001-2002

April 2003
Cover:  Personal Protective Equipment

§         PPE for all?

§         Station Security

§         Mishtakes happen.

May 2003
Cover:  Understanding a SAFETY CULTURE.

§         Safety Cultures.

§         Phone manners.

§         Response plan issues.

June 2003
Cover:  Lightning!!

§         Lightning

§         Great tests.

July 2003
Cover:  CO Poisoning....Is the common challenge common sense?

§         CO Poisoning.

§         Seeing Risk.

§         Rings of death.

August 2003
Cover:  So...making it through the summer heat ok?

§         Dehydration.

§         A good news story.

§         Public Enemy #1.

September 2003
Cover:  Massive power failures...50 MILLION affected!! TV stations cover massive blackout with trucks equipped (or not) with D-TECs and Sigalarms for "protection."
How did YOUR station react?

§         Power outages.

§         School's in!

§         Safety Cultures.

October 2003
Cover:  Tires..sometimes overlooked, sometimes underinflated.

§         Tires.

§         Not "tired" enough

§         Getting "re-tired."

November 2003
Cover:  The Crash Chain...another point of view.

§         Motorcycle safety.

§         The Newsletter philosophy...Can we talk?

§         "Perfect World" nuts and bolts...or not?

December 2003
Cover:  Education and the mindset of OSHA

§         Lessons learned?

§         Winter Driving.

§         Tribute to those that “got out.”

January 2004
Cover:  Catch phrase/Mantra for 2004:
                    Walk around, walk away, look up!

§         2004 Mantra

§         2004 Reflections

§         2004 Resolutions

February 2004
Cover:  A funny thing happened on the way to this author’s 2004.

§         Leave it in 2003 where it belongs...

§         32>19...huh?

§         Mast Sensors?

       March 2004
       Cover:  One-person bands - OK in some situations,
                            dangerous in others.  Communicate!

§         Friends

§         What does OSHA say?  A letter from OSHA.

§         Did you see this?

April 2004
Cover:  Riggers and Roustabouts?

§         Riggers and Roustabouts

§         Anger

May 2004
Cover:  CO the common challenge common sense?

§         CO...oh oh....

§         Cultures.

§         Air Conditioning

§         Shirts

June 2004
Cover:  I took this with my picture phone.

North East Portland Kerry Town Hall.  Kerry press people told us it was ok to set up there.  Our ENG op told her no way. 
---- The other stations must not get your news letter.

·         Stuff Happens

·         Experience helps

·         Information Rules!

July 2004
Cover:  ENG Fatality....Matt Moore. Spot news, but not a spot story

§         Electrocution

§         Controversy

§         Gradients

August 2004
Cover:  Determining risk...Most of the time, it’s simply common sense.

§         Risk

§         Cell phone use

§         Distraction

September 2004
Cover:  Are you “vested” in TV news? This is a good a time of year to get “vested!”

§         Vested

§         Risk Assessment

§         "Thong" safety?

October 2004
Cover: Management versus Employees on safety. Adversarial? Doesn't have to be.

§         Conflict vs. conflict.

§         Just one second....

§         Ticket to ride? 

November 2004
Cover:  Three Winter prep hints.

§         Wait....weight?

§         Winter Schminter....

§         A $2 million cell phone call?     

December 2004
Cover: Wish List from readers.

§         Wish List

§         New word: Pyrolysis

§         A giving tree.

January 2005
Cover: Happy New Year....A safer one for you?

§         Lucky or unlucky....

§         New ENG Safety website.

§         What's happening, and not happening, may not be so apparent.

February 2005
Cover: Mast-up Driveaways, that pesky human factor problem.

§         Human Teamwork

§         Pressure, weight and clearance.

March 2005
Cover: Layers of Safety Protection.

§         Layers of safety.

§         More on weight.....

§         Seat Belts Save Lives.

§         High mast information.

April 2005
Cover: Got Trucks?

§         Different Vans

§         Illuminated Vests

§         Fatigue

§         Our trucks

May 2005
Cover: Crash on the Mountain

§         Crash in the Mountain

§         Mast-up driveaways

§         More HMI/UV

June 2005
Cover: A typical, or atypical situation?

§         Risk vs. Reward

§         Infancy of Terrorism?

§         Steps to manage interference

July 2005
Cover: Year 7 of the ENG Safety Newsletter.

§         Start of Year 7.

§         Hydration.

§         "Diplomatic" reader response.

August 2005
Cover: Monday morning. A fine time for safety reminders.

§         Monday Blues.

§         Lightning, Driving, and glasses safety.

§         Space is good.

September 2005
Cover: "Top Heavy" vehicles and rollovers.

§         "Top heavy?"

§         Rollovers.

§         Trampolines.

§         "Space"

October 2005
Cover: Covering Disasters...beyond the typical day at work.

§         Disasters

§         Hand Held.

§         Overweight.

§         ***GLOW***

November 2005
Cover: got what it takes?

§         Got assertiveness?

§         Rubber Band man.

§         Distraction.

§         Er...Distraction.

December 2005
Cover: Solving Problems the wrong way...Human Nature

§         Wrong way thinking.

§         Lock out/Tag out.

§         Winter prep.

§         Polypropylene.

January 2006
Cover: Absolute Safety in a nutshell, 2006.

§         Happy 2006!

§         Top of the "Food Chain."

§         Get desk involved!

§         PDF Delivery?

February 2006
Cover: The evolution of safety before our we keep up with it?

§         Safety Changes

§         Avoidable Accident

§         Readers Respond

§         New Device!

March 2006
Cover: What, no live shots because of an accident?

§ live shots?

§         Get "vested."

§         Maintenance Minute

§         Enlightenment

April 2006
Cover: What is.

§         Mast Stowed?

§         Post education accident.

§         The best safety flare?

§         Maintenance Minute.

May 2006
Cover: Lightning news coverage.

§         Lightning "Season."

§         Written policies.

§         Maintenance Tip.

§         Get it done?

June 2006
Cover: Summer Preparations...same old story again.

§         Repeat, repeat, repeat....

§         You don't know "Jack"

§         Clean out that truck!

§         Hydration.

July 2006
Cover: Lightning Prediction...we have the technology.

§         Crazy EIGHT

§         Weatherbug works!

§         HOT gennies

§         HOT tires

August 2006
Cover: Air Conditioning...just what IS the condition of the air?

§         Air Quality

§         CO issues

§         Weight Issues

§         Heat issues

September 2006
Cover: Dealing with the public...another job in the field

§         Put on a happy face!

§         CO feedback

§         School Happens.

§         Getting ready

October 2006
Cover: Safe Practices in a Production Environment

§         Quantifiable actions

§         Mast-top weight

§         Glowing recommendations

November 2006
Cover: News during a chemical spill and area evacuation

§         News during an evacuation

§         An error...we goofed

§         Safety performance and fiscal performance linked by NSC

§         NEW section on accidents and safety news from around the world.

December 2006
Cover: What does SAFE really mean?

§         What does safe really mean?

§         Tires as insulation from ground....don't be so sure.

§         What does "cold" really mean?

§         Accidents and safety news from around the world.

January 2007
Cover: New Year's Resolution Evolution.

§         A New Year....let's talk about evolution

§         More on evolution....for youngsters, the way it is.

§         Plaintiff lawsuits, how far can they go?

§         Maintenance Minute, and a defeat for Workers' Comp? Yes.

February 2007
Cover: CAUGHT at last!

§         Does this remind you of anything? CAUGHT at last!

§         You never learn how safe you are, but you learn quickly when you're not.

§         Are emergency responders immune to traffic enforcement actions?

§         Flu, condensation, taking down a set, and failure to train....

March 2007
Cover: The Heroes of Winter '06-'07

§         Heroes of today's society...that's YOU!

§         Advanced driver training...what a concept!

§         What did you learn this lessons from last summer ready?

§         Human factor accidents are all too frequent, and SO preventable.

April 2007
Cover: Evolution of Technology...evolution of Technicians

§         Evolution isn't just about technology

§         Are YOU still holding the phone in your hand when you're driving?

§         The residue of Winter

§         WKMG operator overcome by CO

May 2007
Cover: Human Nature, Evolution, TV people, and the rest....

§         Human nature isn't just TV people

§         Signs...yes, you've heard it before, but do you read them as reminders?

§         Reminders....What reminds YOU to perform those easy-to-forget tasks?

§         What kind of hero are you?

June 2007
Cover: Eight years...96 issues...lots of transitions

§         GPS devices are an absolute necessity for TV news efficiency.

§         How well can you do on a standard driver's test?

§         Joe Loy, Dan Nelson...Lost soldiers of professionalism and safety.

§         What should this newsletter do after 96 issues...eight years?

July 2007
Cover: Spotlight on safety behaviors...more than just a light.

§         Spotlight on safety behaviors.

§         Is your equipment protected from the environment? What's the spec?

§         Interesting editorial comments about the sofa store fire.

§         NSI checks in with  AutoLink  function for today's ENG.

August 2007
Cover: "The edge" - Safety devices as ratings grabbers

§         The "edge" can be safety related.

§         Human errors strike again. Smaller may mean new equipment strategies.

§         Mosquito elimination SOP? "Cloudless sky" lightning? Run and Hide!!!

§         You may already have GPS capability and not know it.


September 2007
Cover: Safety long have you been doing _________ ?

§         Got Habits?

§         Good question from the field.

§         Have you ever been electrocuted?

October 2007
Cover: Working alone?'re not alone.

§         Working alone? You're not alone.

§         Workers' Comp Board in Canada has some good ideas.

§         Good time to clean the truck and check it out before brrrrr time.

§         A lesson about electricity for your "vocabulary."

November 2007
Cover: Cold and Flu season....remedies or problem diffusion?

§         Cold and Flu season isn't as easy as it used to be....

§         GPS devices, Safety hints, and reflections on your van.....

§         A timely way to be 3 times more likely to be killed.

§         "Accidents" and "Crashes".....What's the difference?

December 2007
Cover: The end of the calendar year. So what? We’ll tell ya what.

§         The “future” hasn’t happened yet., and you’ll likely be inventing it.       

§         A great Christmas Season’s gift!   

§         How to get through the holidays with a bit less stress....

§         Special gifts to yourself that just take a minute to give!

January 2008
Cover: Aside from 2009, what will 2008 bring?

§         A new year......oh, what to do...what to do.....

§         S.A.N.T.A. Clause?

§         What does OSHA say about PPE? (Personal Protective Equipment)

§         Logo clothing - batteries not included.....

February 2008
Cover:  Interesting details regarding compliance with rules

§         More rules....hopefully they make sense to you as they did to the writers.

§         New rule for federal roads and highways DOES apply to “media.”

§         Reflections on the upcoming reflective apparel rules.

§         No good deed goes unpunished? Seem as if that’s true.....

March 2008
Cover: Are YOU the distraction that can cause accidents?

§         YOU are the distraction!

§         Looking up, being visible, and performing repairs may not be enough.

§         Corrosion checks are in order.

§         Dust in the wind...all we are is dust in the wind....

April 2008
Cover: No time to talk right now? Do something!
          Cover II: Rooftop this the season?

§         No time to talk? So don’t! Do something else.

§         Rooftop views don’t pay the price for absence of “fall protection.”

§         Accident and injury rates are more critical for some jobs than others.

§         Very scary “vocabulary” for the month.            

May 2008
Cover: Two incidents where power line “issues” created tragedy.

§         Power line tragedies are common.

§         Small falls may lead to BIG problems, and road “safety” may not be so safe.

§         Revisiting the “D.A.R.T. thing; A worthwhile information adjustment.

June 2008
Cover: Some of the new “rules of the game” and how to get on board.

§         How employers and employees need to step up the stairs, not stare up the steps.

§         Getting on board with the changes that are inevitable.

§         “Back to the Future” is a real concept.

July 2008
Cover: Is the sky falling? You bet it is. But there's another on top of it.

§         There’s blue sky in many just have to look through “new” eyes.

§         A GPS device that you can program the SIZE of your vehicle into, then go!

§         Power line involved car crash kills a teen, reinforces a lesson to all of us.

§         A mishap that “snowballed,” and: Is it time to bring back bureaus?

August 2008
Cover: Gradients, and if you get “there” first.

§         Gradients, and if you get “there” first.

§         Reader response to the teenager tragedy.

§         We missed a small detail last issue....another birthday for safety study.

§         Small falls are perilous, Streets dangerous, Sugar hazardous.

September 2008
Cover: is back in swing...what are ya gonna do about it?

§         School is underway, and we’re all students with a gift of being able to learn.

§         What’s your station’s position on reflective or illuminated safety wear?

§         What’s YOUR position on safety wear for your personal use?

§         Did your rubber parts make it through the summer?   

October 2008
Cover: Just some review...Call it “Back to Basics.”

§         Some “Back to Basics.”

§         Words that ripple the pond and etch in stone.

§         Where are the manuals?

§         Ever-present Lightning Danger!   

November 2008
Cover: More of the “Back to Basics.”

§         More “Back to Basics.”

§         What can a milk carton do to make it easier this winter?

§         We won the !@#%#$ Series! Look....a TV truck!

§         A great introduction to TV news safety.

December 2008
Cover:  Thoughts at the end of one year into the next......

§         Another year gone by...another coming...that’s the good news!

§         Your personal “bar.” How high can it go?

§         Filter advice for photogs. (No, not THAT filter...)

§         Tragedies dominate this month’s safety vocabulary.

        January 2009
        Cover: What’s going to happen this year?....Educated predictions.

§         What’s going to happen this year?

§         The best safety advice is closer than you think....

§         What’s a “mast height radius perimeter? 

§         Some projects everyone should do.....                    

February 2009
Cover:  Checklists, timeouts,  and HUGE returns on results.
       Cover II: Hardest time ever for b’casters? Camerapeople are always needed.

§         A ‘checklisted’ professional is a reminded professional.

§         “Making TV” is the only way TV will be made.

§         Cell phone use and driving may never be the same.

§         Maybe it sounds stupid, but a clean vehicle is nicer.

       March 2009
      Cover:  Some basics when you’re out there on your own.

§         Basics...basics...they WILL get you through the day.

§ you know what you’re reading when reading them?

§         Fatigue as an issue, just getting to the workplace.

§         Top 10 causes of workplace disability chart.

        April 2009
      Cover:  Some safety suggestions from comments given over time.

§         If not you, who?

§         Frequently asked question, Frequently given answer.

§         Free Weather Radio, shipping and handling not included.

§         Take a “Manual” Maintenance Minute.

      May 2009
      Cover:  Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.


§         Dust explosions - The Pros are working on prevention.

§         Back issues issues, and Back to milk crates to store gear?

§         Used batteries hazards and regulations to keep it safe.

      June 2009
      Cover:  120th issue. 10 years. Every month. Still worth reading...I hope.

§         120th issue. Ten years. Safety, over and over, makes a difference!

§         Hydration, and the new Summer clothing fashion!

§         Lube and oil makes a difference this time of year.

§         10 years of what’s been learned in the last 15...

        July 2009
      Cover: Fit your rules to the operation, make your operation fit the rules.
(Reprint, issue #1)

§         A “Blast-from-the-past” story...where were you in 1999?

§         Jumping for safety...have you ever practiced evacuation?

§ you have good informative signs around your facility?   

      August 2009
      Cover: We really need to talk about cell phones.

§         Cell phones. This is really starting to get serious.

§         Phones aren’t going away, neither are mast-top collisions.

§         Where is your clearance signage? What is your clearance?

§         Safety “Vocabulary” still teaches many lessons about accidents.   

      September 2009
      Cover:  September...what does it mean to you?

§         September is always a time of change and renewal.

§         Are camerapeople “prey” to the public?

§         It’s time for “Fall” maintenance, with fall prevention, too. (Please)

§         Good “Safety Vocabulary” for those on the road.

      October 2009
      Cover:  Driving while inTEXTicated...Why do you know what this means?

§         Driving while inTEXTicated...Why do you know what this means?

§         What it looks like, how easy it is to see.

§         Come clean on doing the right thing for your truck, take a minute.

§         The importance of written procedures....and FOOTBALL, as it was.

      November 2009
      Cover:  Safety Exercises. Are these things you could take seriously?

§         Safety exercises: Can you take them seriously?

§ can enhance safety as well as just look good.

§         Batteries...time to check them before the cold weather does.

§         Personal Protective Equipment - Myth, reality, or false security?

       December 2009
      Cover:  115,000 x 3. They could have all died in Atlanta.

§         115,000 x 3...they all should have been killed.

§         Burn Injuries....115,000 volts..

§         Heinrich Injury Pyramid....Statistics don’t lie.

§         Disabling safety equipment is poor maintenance.

January 2010
Cover:  Regrets, predictions, resolutions for 2010

§         Regrets, Predictions, Resolutions for 2010.

§         Tools you can use to help stop accidents...find and solve problems!

§         Exposed wires in winter weather. Time to walk around; Look for them.

§         A “Fine” “Winter” vocabulary to start the year. 

February 2010
Cover:  Safety Presentations...There’s a lot to learn from the audience.

§         What to know when you are out in the field...

§         Shake, rattle and roll every mile or in every wind.

§         Emergency Response Information every news person should have. 

§         Repetitive motion stress and injuries can be prevented. Learn about it!

March 2010
Cover:  Layers of Safety Protection

§         Layers of Safety Protection....

§         MA Senate tackles texting and driving while elderly.....

§         Primary Seat Belt Laws....Primary Laws for they work?

§         NEW...News Vehicle Driver’s Corner....

April 2010
Cover:  NY Times Technology section: Gadgets in Emergency Vehicles Seen as Peril

§         Gadgets in Emergency Services Vehicles. (TV news vehicles, too!)

§         Driving safety, safety videos, vehicle tire pyrolysis.

§         Vehicle accidents in “Vocabulary” this month....

§         H.R. 2067, the Protecting America’s Workers Act (PAWA)

May 2010
Cover:  Technological technologies using evolving techniques, and more technology

§         Real time technological evolution using technological techniques!

§         “Textbook” accidents are happening as the book is being written.

§         Were we lucky or good that day? “That was our truck.....”

June 2010
Cover:  Visibility - Are you doing it yet? Is it becoming your natural habit?

§         Visibility...are you doing it yet?

§         Natural Disasters and Weather Emergencies - Info for you!

§         News Vehicle Drivers Corner - A 30 year professional speaks.

§         It’s LIGHTNING season. Are YOU seasoned for it?

July 2010
Cover:  Why don’t employees see risk?

§         Why don’t employees see risk?

§         Are YOU qualified to take the third prong off of a power plug?

§         AC testers....great tool, maybe a better gift idea?

§         CO poisoning - a summer threat that everybody should be aware of.

August 2010
Cover:  Determining risk...Most of the time, it’s simply common sense.

§         Determining risk...Most of the time, it’s simply common sense.

§         A great new light for about 6 battery excuses!

§         Lightning may be the second greatest hazard, second only to driving. 

§         Android applications for bringing text-to-speech will change the world.

September 2010
Cover:  A tribute missed two months ago...better late than never.....

§         Safety is much better late than never. 

§         Wreckless behavior - “We don't want to resort to law enforcement.”

§         Guess what stupid human tricks are at the link in pg-2’s ‘corner.

§         Guess who overlooks workplace safety: Media!

October 2010
Cover:  Front page News...TWO mast up drive-aways in September?

§         Front page news....let’s get this out of the way, quickly.

§         Let’s make a deal, station-wide, to help our coworkers operate safely.

§         Little signs may make a difference - How would YOU remind ops?

§         Great Safety “Vocabulary” featuring IMT’s MMRP.

November 2010
Cover:  Big Corporation’s safety department “does” safety, BIG.

§         How a big company tries to get it done, and gets it done!.

§         Want to win sweeps, or do better? Oranges may be the key.

§         Tangible safety reminders have their place...somewhere......

§         Teamwork and camaraderie are the keys to a great safety culture.

December 2010
Cover:  If a driver can see him/her, there is a better chance of avoidance.

§         If you can see him/her there is a better chance of avoidance. 

§         Simulated reality by the seat of my pants.

§         So, what IF you get caught with a high BAC in your personal vehicle?

§         THREE TRES TROIS languages on a warning sign?

January 2011
Cover:  A dozen years of New Year’s Newsletter subjects...

§         A dozen years of Newsletter New Year’s subjects.

§         Gunman in the school department meeting. What would you do?

§         Henry Ziegland was killed by a very persistent bullet.

§         Another rescuer-in/rescuer-down fatality to learn from.  

February 2011
Cover:  Laws, company policy, personal habits. - by Mark Bell

§         So, are you texting, double-handing, and potentially negligent?

§         CO Alert! It’s the time of year to wonder about headaches....

§         A great little safety seminar idea for your station.

§         TWO stories about photog assaults. What’s your company policy?

March 2011

       Cover:  Evolving business? Same old safety stuff....?

§         Evolving business....Same old safety stuff....?

§         OSHA Issues Compliance Directive on Personal Protective Equipment.

§         Speaking of PPE...How about protection from being attacked?

§         New deal for ENG Safety Seminars. Less expensive, easier. Interested?

April 2011

       Cover: Spring is here...let’s spring into some basics.

§         Basics...the basics will keep you safe. It’s like that in every industry.

§         The cost of workplace injuries - The folks at SAFTENG tell it like it is. 

§         Broadcast helicopter pilots have great information on the web!

§         MA teen may be found guilty of motor vehicle homicide while texting.

May 2011

       Cover: Cones - Can you believe there are codes for CONE usage?

§         Cone placement...a common sense approach. 

June 2011

       Cover:  Participatory Journalism - Standing next to, or getting into the story.

§         Participatory Journalism - Requirement for today’s news model.

§         A nationally-aired example that could have been done better.

§         Weird highway accidents are the “norm” for highway workers.


July 2011

       Cover: More of the basics - the GOOD stuff.

§         More of the basics - the good stuff.

§         “Jeeped” switches and gaffer-taped annunciators... 50% do it??

§         More of Summer stuff - air conditioning, the “oranges” thing...

§         “Dead” power lines that come to life.....with painful consequences.

August 2011

       Cover:  Bummer…

§         Bummer. No, it’s not an ashtray. (It’s a mast-top.)

§         Another bummer. CO poisoning, and: Reporter shot by a BB gun.

§         Still another bummer - Wear a vest or not? - A sword that cuts 2 ways...

§         Did we mention bummers? One reporter almost dies, another fired....

September 2011

       Cover: First ever recall, not first ever alert.

§         First ever recall, not first ever alert.  (Stuff then what?)

§         Feedback from the other side. (Where are you when we need you?)

§         It’s really about half-an-inch. (And that’s not a whole lot of space....)

§         Sticks and stones may break my bones, but.... (Maybe the truck, too!)

October 2011

       Cover:  This is the time of the year where it all gets tricky.

§         Tricky time of year,  and MA checks in with Hi-vis apparel website.

§         Jimmy Moore update, and, where is *your* VP of sales on safety day?

§         Take a minute to evaluate your ENG van’s drive-ability.

§         WVIT’s Safety Day is an interesting example of “involved” safety ed.

November 2011

       Cover: “Moral Hazards,” and getting it on the air on time - by Mark Bell

§         Moral Hazards, or is it a Morale Hazard?

§         Manhandling a bonehead? Legal or illegal?

§         The percentage of trucks brought for service with bad safety systems is?

§         As winter approaches, some maintenance tips may save a lot of time.   

December 2011

       Cover:  The best present? Give yourself a future.

§         The best present? Give yourself a future.   

§         Finally...cell phones do NOT set gasoline pumps afire.

§         Rings of Death - Know your ground before you walk.

§         Happy Holidays and best wishes for a safe New Year!

January 2012

       Cover: Common Sense vs. the NTSB - Mark Bell

§         Common sense vs. the NTSB

§         Accelerated Media’s signs that teach and remind.

§         Code of fingers.

§         Knowing when to say “when,” and HABITUATE yourself, today!...

February 2012

       Cover:  Follow-up on celling-while-driving

§         Celling while driving...a follow-up. - What’s YOUR halftime show?

§         A case for full time GPS use. - Why “celling” while driving is an urgent issue.

§         Strict safety guidelines for people who are strict about safety. - Who’s Uhura?

§         A very interesting paper about cell phone employer/employee liability.

March 2012

       Cover: Experts among us, Past “Experts” gone.

§         Experts among us, and those past experts who are no longer with us.

§         Signs of the times - Inventory your vehicles warning signs.

§         The 2011 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index...Some good, some scary!

§         Random safety hints --- Layers of Safety - You can’t afford to lose them!


April 2012

       Cover:  Apps to stop or enhance texting - What’s best?

§         To text or not to text....that IS the question. (Cover story)

§         In this issue, we have an issue.  (pg 5)

§         Interesting random thoughts and comments from a reader. (pg 2)

§         Who is talking on the phone while driving? Everybody?  (pg 2)

May 2012

       Cover: A bit of a different theme this month: Preserving one’s self.

§         A bit of a different theme this month...Preserving ones’ self.

§         It’s really all about nutrition.

§         “Our Bodies Ourselves” - “Our Vans Our Cars” - Knowledge is power.

§         A “Vocabulary” segment about “nutrition” hazards in the workplaces of many.  

June 2012

Cover: How people who have the planet in their hands handle safety
Special Will-Burt mast advisory is in this, and the next 7 issues

·         WILL-BURT puts out “Advisory” to deal w/mast-top wear characteristic.

·         Got a mast that’s pre-2006 w/serial numbers under 36376? This is for you!

·         Remember winter, and the extreme operating conditions? Now it’s summer.


July 2012       
Cover:  Backpacks - Old concept, great NEW methodology!

·         WILL-BURT’s “Advisory” to deal w/mast-top wear characteristic.

·         Walking with a backpack? Look twice, walk once. Falls may be fatal!

·         Collapsible cones. FOUR illuminated cones can fit in the space of one!

August 2012

       Cover: Lightning’s striking again and again and again and again....

·         Backpacks - “Why does it have to be backpacks?”!

·         WILL-BURT’s “Advisory” to deal w/mast-top wear characteristic.

·         Lightning - Just when you thought the coast is clear.....

·         A glowing recommendation for a small, powerful, flashlight for professionals.

September 2012

       Cover:  Falling down and falling sideways - Challenges for ENGers & PNGers

·         Falling down and sideways.

·         Falling down can become a practiced art form, and safer.

·         Hurricane live shots - the best we can do may be the worst we can do.

·         WILL-BURT’s “Advisory” to deal w/mast-top wear characteristic.

October 2012

       Cover:  The MOMENT - On-air suicide raises questions.

November 2012

Cover:  More “back to basics” at a splendid time of year.

December 2012

Cover:  The state of the art news field person - At the scene, and then what?

  • State of the art news person....At the scene, and then what?
  • Want to make your cameras and equipment traceable if stolen?
  • I can get a press credential. Others do. Can you vouch for this one? 
  • Are our protections better than what laypeople would do? Evolving

January 2013

       Cover: Newsgathering? What are you going to wear?

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? - Flame resistant clothing.
  • Protective clothing is practical and provides primary protection.
  • Your brain is your best protection, or your enemy.
  • Ground gradient voltage and an amazing hazard during emergencies.

February 2013

       Cover: As we get older we get smarter.....some of us, anyways.

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear?  - Face protection. 
  • As we get older we get smarter....some of us, anyways...
  • Protective head and eyewear is primary protection....and it’s the law.
  • Tough and costly vocabulary lessons; truck box, and laborer fault?

March 2013

       Cover:  Hats and helmets - NOT HARD, to go over some details.

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear?  - Helmets and bump hats.
  • Hats and helmets - NOT HARD, to go over some details! 
  • OSHA items: Protecting recovery workers & vehicle back-up issues.
  • A live shot of fans reacting to our championship; What can possibly go wrong?<>
April 2013
Cover:  “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."
May 2013
Cover:  When the world starts blowing up - Boston and West, Texas  
  • When the world starts blowing up. Boston, MA & West, Texas. Newsgathering?
  • What are you going to wear to the explosions?
  • Outerwear, body armor, padding and the same old bump hat need.
  • Nobody says it better then Lenslinger. “They will forget you.” . 

June 2013

       Cover:  Getting real.....Terrorism and publicity

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? - Wearing armored clothing. 
  • Getting real...Terrorism and publicity
  • Will-Burt updated their website - the mast-top advisory has relocated.
  • The best ENG/SNG/BNG safety and production-tool flashlights ever?              

July 2013

       Cover:   The 15th July.  15 Years of the ENG Safety Newsletter

  •  Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? -  It' not just a live shot, it's a work environment.
  •  The 15th July, and the message is the same as on the first.
  •  CREE flashlights, lightning strikes, and a lucky live shot pic.
  •  A reporter is caught in a lightning area, and stays there...hero or buffoon?

August 2013

       Cover:  Sometimes things just happen?  It’s more predictable than that.

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? Got your flashlight?
  • Sometimes things happen? It’s more predictable than that.
  • Mast-into-powerline accidents are STILL happeing!!
  • Driving while transmitting audio and video....problem or delight?                 

September 2013

       Cover:  Live reporting while driving...old idea, new technology, fears forever.

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? Shoes, doing 100% of the job 100% of the time.
  • Live reporting while driving...old idea, new technology, forever fears.
  • Footwear: a very important staple of the news business, and your feet!
  • Getting used to a system that doesn’t work....road to a failure, or a fix?

October 2013

       Cover:  News vehicle crashes...the new power lines of danger in news?

  •  Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? Got your flashlight?
  •  News vehicle crashes...the new powerline of danger in news?
  •  AAA...more than just an auto club. It’s a valuable organization. 
  • Part 2 of the Safety Quiz based on the “Look up and Live” video.                   

November 2013

       Cover:  Driving the broadcast industry crazy? What do you really know?

  • Newsgathering? What are you going to wear? Got your flashlight?  
  • Driving the broadcast industry crazy? What do you really know?  
  • Advanced driving techniques. It’s an attitude, and needs to be learned.  
  • What does good driving mean? What’s S E G M E N T E D driving?


December 2013

       Cover:  Soooo, you did news in 2013? What did you wear?


January 2014

       Cover:  The year of driving...will you be better in 2014 than in 2013 and before?

  • What can philospopher Dragos Roua tell us about driving? 
  • Driving on snow & ice.....or not....what can make it better?
  • Advanced Drivers’ Eddie Wren checks in...about “Billiards”?
  • 2014 stick-on calendars are available. How many do you want?

February 2014

       Cover: What supplies you carry with you in the car may save lives!

March 2014

       Cover:  Same song as the winter of 2014 drags on.....

April 2014

       Cover:  Decades.   

May 2014

       Cover:  Memories

June 2014

       Cover:  Do you have lightning-fast reflexes? Probably not.

July 2014

       Cover:  Houston...(and other markets)...we’ve still got a problem.

August 2014

       Cover: Why do mast drive-aways happen? “Confirmation bias,” perhaps?

September 2014

       Cover: Another grand theory about accidents: Subtle Incapacitation

October 2014

       Cover:  What’s happening in San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose?  

November 2014

       Cover:  Safety from the top down - The song that never ends.

December 2014

       Cover: The Year 2014 In Review...12 editions, 100s of issues.


January 2015

       Cover:  A new where are we?

February 2015

       Cover:  Carbon Monoxide - Silent but deadly - One can never be too cautious.

March 2015

       Cover:  It happens to the best of us...don't let it happen to you.

April 2015 

       Cover:  Cause for alarm...when close is waaaay too close.

May 2015

       Cover:  The "demarcation" thing...more psychological than physical.

June 2015

       Cover:  Sometimes the system works...and we can do better.

July 2015

       Cover:  Overhead cameras? The subject just drones on....

August 2015

       Cover:  Which is more valuable...your main or your backup?

September 2015

       Cover:  It's that time of year again....again... Ready?

October 2015

       Cover:  Sounds of silence....thew scariest part?

November 2015

       Cover:  Do you have a 'cap'? Everybody's got a cap. Always check yours!

December 2015

       Cover:  The year 2015 in review. 12 editions, 100s of issues! 



January 2016

       Cover: welcome to what?

February 2016

       Cover:  200 editions! 1000s of issues! TWO hundred?

March 2016

       Cover:   Seatbelts...gentle reminders are anything BUT gentle...

                    April 2016

       Cover: When enough is enough....something needs to change.

May 2016

       Cover:  Hybrid cars in flooded areas....dangerous?

June 2016

       Cover:  News "X" is on your side....wait...we'r on OUR side!

                    July 2016

       Cover:  Confirmation bias and the "Illusion of Control".

August 2016

       Cover: Station Security - Good move(s). How about in the field?

September 2016

       Cover: September is here…. Happy New Year!

                              October 2016

       Cover:  When “on the scene” becomes dangerous. TV crews’ lives matter. 

November 2016

       Cover:  If you’re setting up to crash, why go anywhere? 

December 2016

       Cover:   2016 - Election Year….would you vote for it again?

January 2017

       Cover:  2017….the year of opportunity!

February 2017

       Cover:  Don’t let downed wires get YOU down….

March 2017

       Cover: How safe are you?      Really?    (You’re probably not.)

April 2017

       Cover: Happens to the best of us…..

May 2017

       Cover:  I’m going to take your companies’ money - yours too.

June 2017

       Cover:  Safety education…not just about NOT doing something…

July 2017

       Cover:  Summertime heat…glad for vehicle a/c, right? How about CO?

August 2017

       Cover:  Cellphone use and laws–it’s getting ugly out there…

September 2017

       Cover:  It’s the start of another New Year! Happy action/distraction time!

October 2017

       Cover: Decades of storm coverage evolution…  Are we safer?  Not yet.

November 2017

       Cover:  Driving, operations, and safety, in general….same stuff, different tasks.

December 2017

       Cover:  After election year 2016 - We’re glad you elected to be safe in 2017!

January 2018

       Cover:   Happy 2018! Got plans?

February 2018

       Cover:  Personal Protective Equipment, human factors, news gear, and now, “Chasers”.

March 2018

       Cover:  Car drivers versus truck drivers….

April 2018

       Cover:  Liveshots….What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

May 2018

       Cover:  Winter’s done…really. But don’t put that windshield scraper away, yet.

June 2018

       Cover:  Broadcast industry employees are very special.

July 2018

       Cover:  Summer…the good (sun), the bad (CO), and the darned hot!

August 2018

       Cover:  It’s that time of year….the New Year!

September 2018

       Cover:  Having a safety program, especially if you don't need it...

October 2018

       Cover:  OK...BIG storm...are we learning anything from the past?

November 2018

       Cover: Feels like the very first time? Go!   Um…not a good ‘Plan A’.

December 2018

       Cover:  ENG Safety Newsletter - 2018 Year In Review - Special Edition

January 2019

       Cover:  Happy 2019! A good year to be s-a-f-e-l-y employed.

February 2019

       Cover:  Reporter attacked doing live Facebook feed.

March 2019

       Cover:  Fixation… Add it to the vocabulary.

April 2019

       Cover: Fixation…a ‘driving’ force for many? What about the rules?

May 2019

       Cover:  Field Safety - as multi-faceted as you’re multi-media.

June 2019

       Cover:  This is our 240th issue. TWENTY years of safety information!

July 2019

       Cover:  Summertime, and the living is easy… How ‘bout work?

August 2019

       Cover:  Yep. As we’ve seen for decades, we’re coming up to New Year’s!

September 2019

       Cover:  New station management, new station managers. New rules?

October 2019

       Cover:  The “one-two” punch: Avoid it, or cover it, but don’t get fooled by it.

November 2019

       Cover:  It’s ALWAYS something…now something new…

December 2019

       Cover:  2019 is ending… Is your 2020 safety vision 20/20?

January 2020

       Cover:  New Year. So what? Here’s what: Some “class”?

February 2020

       Cover:  Journalists and field techs - Multi multi multi media professionals.

March 2020

       Cover:  Another hands-free “communicator” law takes effect…and more.

April 2020

       Cover:  Soldiers of Journalism. Some history, and, now, #19

May 2020

       Cover:  Us against Them… Stay on your game no matter what.

June 2020

       Cover:  WAR, HUH!…yeah… What is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING!

July 2020

       Cover:  The “boilerplate” and “backbone” of your station? Yep, that’s YOU!

August 2020

       Cover:  A case for small camcorders everywhere…

September 2020

       Cover:  “Everyone is ok.” (except those who smash news vehicle windows)

October 2020

       Cover:  Half the baggage and twice the money?

November 2020

       Cover:  Is the best “offense” a good “defense”?

December 2020

       Cover:  2020…are you having fun yet? Our 2020 s-a-f-e-t-y review…

                      End of the road sign   (As printed on the December 2020 back page.)

This is the end.

Some have inquired about getting more safety newsletters. This dude is done with mass-marketed stuff, but I’ll consider providing this “newsletter service” by request. Thanks for askin’.
This last page is about thanks. I can’t write it or say it enough, but I can post tribute to as many as I can think of in a “If not for [someone-something]” format. If left anyone out, I’m so sorry. I think I covered everyone. For 21 years, everyone covered me.
If not for: 
●    Paul Gallo and the many folks at Television Broadcast Magazine who believed me when I said I had a BIG fish on my line. They couldn’t see it, but I could feel it. I went from wanting them to publish what I wrote to their printing whatever I wrote. If not for them, the industry may not have been inspired every month into inventing safety.   
●    John Premack from WCVB wrote about safety for the then, RTNDA Communicator, and gave safety a good shot, but, what were they going to do… publish it monthly? John then encouraged the NPPA News Video Workshop to take me on board as faculty to root the effort for safety there. If not for him and the NPPA, 100s every year, for 9 years, wouldn’t have heard my safety message, then brought it home.
●    Dave Wertheimer, who I met through the NPPA. Dave not only mentored me about how to get the word out, but came up with short-talk gems such as “Look up and Live”, which said more than I said many times with many more words. If not for Dave, it all would’ve been harder. SO much harder.
●    ALL of the vehicle integrators. Once I started writing about ENG safety, they gave me SO many answers from which I could start asking smarter questions that made my writing elevate to court-worthy. If they weren’t for me, I couldn’t have been for them. In one case, such questions created a settlement in a $100 million case. If not for them feeding “answers” to me, they would’ve had to defend more lawsuits.
●    Mast manufacturer Will-Burt. They exposed me to their science, and I exposed them to some facts from the legal world. In one case, a top W-B employee at one of my presentations asked me for a slide he had not seen previously. It was “evidence”. They made me, and maybe I helped save them. If not for them, the safety effort would not have achieved the same level of success.
●    Accident/incident victims.  I met badly injured victims and others who barely made it out alive. I met parents and coworkers who wrote stories for me/us about lifelong effects. I read/heard them, then became their voice. If not for them I wouldn’t have had the heavy heart to do it all.
●    My secret sources. Midnight phone calls, unmarked envelope deliveries containing videotape, emailed pictures and stories… I got information at times before corporations had a chance to do damage-control. I was able to get answers that helped me make better questions to insiders who covered-up what really happened. If not for my sources, lawyers would have been less candid in our discussions. I gave them information, they taught me law, and we went our separate ways much stronger. If not for them I simply would not have been able to help management, employees, companies, and families, as well as I did.
●    Station GMs and NDs. I can’t say I ever had a bad experience with either. Favorite stories? The GM who said “Mark, glad you’re here. I can’t stay long, but will catch about 20 minutes of your presentation, ok?”  He was the last to leave the room 4 hours later. “Geez, I never knew my guys had so much sh*t going on in the field,” he said, still shaking his head. One ND asked if I could start my presentation 20 minutes late, as he didn’t remember ANY opportunity to talk to so many of his assembled field folks at the same time. They had a great meeting. If not for them, there would be no money, space, or time for me to speak the safety message.
●    OSHA. I had educational discussions with them. They ‘get’ what I was up against, too. They sent a copy of a fine-payment check with stub attached. The stub was labeled “Contribution” by the fined TV company. It made a good slide for my management presentation. If not for them I could never have seen the BIG picture I helped many stations see.
●    Readers. I’m sure there will be some surprised that I’m closing up this shop after writing this “End of Road” column for the past five months, and the newsletter for the past 21 years. Maybe they didn’t read it, but receiving it, passing it on, or posting it, was ‘getting’ the safety reminder I promised I’d always present; the “monthly safety pulse”.  For all of those who DID read my ‘stuff’ every month, I’m sorry if I forever distorted our language, but hope, on or between the lines, I helped make you a safer person in the field. You sustained the rationale for this newsletter, and my ‘good’ job. If you’re reading this, THANK YOU for your concern for safety!!! If not for you the safety effort would have gone nowhere.

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